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Home | Latest | Acesonic (KM-112) Turn any PC, DVD player, or MP3 player into a karaoke machine
Acesonic (KM-112) Turn any PC, DVD player, or MP3 player into a karaoke machine|^|^|^|^
Acesonic (KM-112) Turn any PC, DVD player, or MP3 player into a karaoke machine
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Acesonic (KM-112) Turn any PC, DVD player, or MP3 player into a karaoke machine
Acesonic (KM-112) Turn any PC, DVD player, or MP3 player into a karaoke machine
Acesonic (KM-112) Turn any PC, DVD player, or MP3 player into a karaoke machine
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Product Manual

The Acesonic KM-112 Vocal Mixer is the best, cheapest, and most convenient solution to implement a mixer and add microphone inputs into any system whether you have a DVD player or computer. Setup is easy and you need only output your DVD player or computer's audio output into the KM-112 and make another connection between the KM-112's output and your audio systems input.

You'll gain the ability to connect two microphones to the front panel and make volume, treble, bass, and echo adjustments. Music can be adjusted separately from the microphone volume so you can balance the two for optimum sound. A headphone input is built right into the front panel so you can connect your favorite headset and listen in even closer when making adjustments. A 3D Sound enhancer can be enabled with the push of a button when you need that additional richness in your music.

For extra convenience and the ability to further enhance your sound, USB audio has been implemented. This is perfect for people who use their computer to play all their songs and allows all audio to be transferred digitally so you will not lose any quality.

The KM-112 has two XLR inputs in the back perfect for other audio sources such as microphones, keyboards, or electric guitars making this perfect for musicians and singers to add a few more features to their system. Additionally, a multiplex function has been implemented into the front panel letting singers change between left and right channel audio with the flip of a switch.

  • Multiplex Function - Adjust audio channels to Stereo/Mono Left/Mono Right. Works with all CD+G and VCD discs or music with Multiplex recording. Conveniently placed on the front panel.
  • USB-to-PC Connection - Play karaoke music from your PC and record your performance back to your PC using the USB port. Now you can sing on your PC and enjoy the best quality sound with no signal loss.
  • Windows 7 32-bit, Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible only - This device is plug and play; no need to install additional software
  • Two 1/4" Microphone Inputs - Connect 2 microphones to the front panel
  • Two XLR Balanced Inputs - Connect two XLR microphones, electric guitar, Piano Keyboard, or sound sources to the rear panel.
  • Two Individual Microphone Volume Control (front) - Set the volume of each microphone in relation to the other. Mainly used to adjust singer's volume so no one is louder than another.
  • 3D Sound Enhancer - Enhance a full ranger of frequencies. Able to turn on or off.
  • Music Volume Control - Adjust playback volume of music.
  • Microphone Treble Control - Adjust treble for all 4 microphones.
  • Microphone Bass Control - Adjust bass for all 4 microphones.
  • Microphone Echo Control - Adjust the echo effect for all 4 microphones.
  • One RCA Audio Input - Connect your music source from a PC, IPod, MP4 Player, or DVD Player.
  • One RCA Audio Output - Connect music output to your TV, home theater, or stereo system.
  • 115/230 Voltage Selection - Select the proper voltage for your country for worldwide compatibility.
  • Headphone Output Jack - You can listen to your singing privately using headphones or connect to any powered computer speakers to share your singing with your friends and family.
  • Headphone Volume Controller - You can adjust the volume of your headphone or speakers connected to the Headphone Output Jack.
  • Integrated USB Audio Solution using C-Media CM106 Audio I/O Controller. Even if you don't have a sound card for your computer, the KM-112 works as an external sound board via USB port that you can play and record your sound sources. You can connect a microphone and a headphone to the KM-112 Mixer and use it for Skype or making a phone call using MSN.
  • Works as PC Sound Mixer. You can connect your headphone or computer speaker to the Acesonic KM-112 to listen to music from your PC and use the knobs on the front to adjust sound volume level and add 3D sound to your music enjoyment.
Package Includes
  • 1 Acesonic Wired Microphone with 14' cable in box
  • 1 RCA-to-RCA audio cable (Connect from DVD Player)
  • 1 RCA-to-Mini Jack audio cable (connect from PC)
  • USB Driver Disc included (Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7)
  • 1 USB Cable
  • Rack Mount Kit
  • Power Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
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